Export query results data from Bigquery to Google Sheets

Google+TwitterFacebookLinkedinThis post will contain a simple JS function helping you to export data from Bigquery to Sheets. In fact, we’re going to export a resulting table after querying our GBQ tables. We’re going to need Google Bigquery API and Apps Script….

Encrypt users’ personally identifiable information using Google Tag Manager


Google+TwitterFacebookLinkedinIn this post I’ll show how to encrypt personally identifiable information using Google Tag Manager before sending it elsewhere (say, Google Bigquery or Google Sheets). Fairly speaking, you can encrypt any data you like using the solution described. But since web/app…

Export data from Google Analytics to Google Bigquery


Google+TwitterFacebookLinkedinAlright. Now, when the web is nearly overburdened with the abc solutions simply explaining how to use built-in analytics tools brought almost to perfection by Google engineers, I guess it’s time for some really advanced analytics stuff. So, in this post I will…