Choose life, choose a job, be obsessed with it

Choose life, choose a job, be obsessed with it, choose digital analytics conferences with more than 1000 attendees each, choose followers, choose sprawling how-to guides, choose an official Google documentation and rewrite it in our blog with a bunch of pics demonstrating your sophisticated approach to the topic, choose a red pop-up attracting attention to your long-awaited book revealing all secrets of digital analytics just for $9.99, choose being a sought-after data analyst, choose a donation platform for your subscribers. Choose life!

Hey there! Hope you’re still with me…

It’s been a loooong while since my last post (almost half a year actually). Well, I’m not a passionate blogger and most likely never will be one. I’m running this blog just for my own fun primarily and mainly. Please don’t get me wrong. I like when people leave comments, share my posts, ask questions concerning blog’s content. But that’s not the main reason I enjoy it.

There was a moment I realised I had nothing worthwhile to write about.

Well, I could hoist one or two (or even more) posts to the surface. Something like “An ultimate guide to form tracking with Google Tag Manager” or “10 Google Analytics alerts you must have” or any other “this-is-a-popular-search-query” post.

Instead, I decided to focus on questions that, in my opinion, my employer and my company I work for really care about. Like “how to accurately measure profit/loss from the release of a new feature in a mobile app” or “how to predict churn rate using online behavioural data and offline measurements”  or “how to promote products according to individual preferences of each visitor using GA data” or “how to change company’s site so it 100% corresponds with users’ urgent needs”.

This is slightly differs from tracking forms and/or setting custom alerts, isn’t it? And this is way more challenging! 

In the next few months I’m planning to share the results of my learnings concerning (and not only) the above-mentioned questions. Certainly, I will continue to post quick tips on GTM/GA that may be prove useful for my readers. But I hope we’ll go far beyond standard web-analytics stuff 😉


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