Add Google Tag Manager container snippet to a Weebly site

UPDATE: Google has finally updated official recommendations for GTM code placement. Now you should place the snippet in the head section. Be sure to check this post for details.

Weebly offers almost everything you need to build an elegant website rather quickly and easily: drag-and-drop constructors, responsive site themes and, yes, free hosting services. Plus, you have an awesome feature that allows you to edit HTML/CSS of your theme with just a few clicks. And this one really comes in handy when you want to add the Google Tag Manager container snippet to your Weebly site. So here’s a guide for Google Tag Manager Weebly implementation.

Choosing the right place for the snippet

First, let’s decide where to place the GTM container snippet: inside the <head></head> section or right after the opening <body> tag. Both variants work fine though the first one is not officially supported by Google. Since you have a direct access to the body section of every template there are no objective reasons why you should not follow the official recommendations. If you want to place the snippet inside the head section or learn more about “head or body” dilemma check this post for more information and implementation instructions.

To start using Google Tag Manager on you Weebly site just follow these steps.

Step 1

Log in to your Weebly account, select the site to which you want to add the GTM container snippet and then click the Edit Site button.

Step 2

Under the editor’s THEME tab click the Edit HTML/CSS button which is located at the bottom left corner of the screen.

google tag manager weebly

IMPORTANT! Weebly support services do NOT include in-depth advice provision with theme customizations. So if you don’t have enough experience working with HTML or CSS code, perhaps, it’s better to search for knowledgeable assistance before trying to edit the code singlehandedly. However, if you’re going to perform all the alterations by yourself in the future, click the “DOCS” button while in the code editor for information on how to start making basic alterations.

Step 3

In the code editor you will see folders that contain all the essential files of your site. To add the GTM container snippet to all pages you will need to edit templates which are located in the HEADER TYPE folder. By clicking the template’s title link you’ll see the code.

Place the GTM snippet just like it is shown below.

Don’t forget to add the snippet to ALL templates you are using! Otherwise the tags won’t fire on some pages and your analytics data will be totally inaccurate.

Then click the Save button and publish your site.


As you can see there’s no difficulty about adding the GTM container snippet to a Weebly site. Again, if you’re new to HTML coding please be careful with the header type templates. I would suggest saving the original code before making any alterations.

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