Oliver Rose


Dmitri has been a life saver in getting my specific Analytics tracking requirements in place. A variety of websites I manage needed some unique and complicated tracking, which required some fairly advanced Google Tag Manager triggers, variables and tags to do so. Being able to track a single page form with multiple steps was needed for one site, while tracking what has been selected within a form was needed on another site.

This was far beyond my technical expertise, especially considering the complexity of some of the forms, however Dmitri was more than happy, and able, to help. Along side all of this he helped me in multiple other areas, such as conversion value tracking, even tracking the number of products sold in a single conversion, all within Analytics.

Having worked with multiple developers and technical experts over many, many years, I know too well the difficulty of finding a reliable resource to rely on. I genuinely couldn’t recommend Dmitri enough and would recommend anyone to use his services.

Irina Andreeva

Fai****d Ex***** (ship chartering)

Any growing business needs a clear conversion analytics. In our case, the problem was complicated due to the lack of ability to track events by the URL and data passing through ajax + angular. We have spent 3 months trying to solve the problem by our own efforts using Google Analytics and GTM.

Dmitri solved our problem in two days. We especially appreciated attentiveness and flexibility in proposed solutions. Furthermore, he found minor mistakes in website influencing the whole analytics eco-system.

Thanks a lot!